Solana’s 1st NFT series fighting climate change and rewarding its holders with unique experiences in the ever-expanding Ark ecosystem

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26th of January 12 PM EST/6 PM CET/ 1 AM HKT


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The mission of the Arkanauts is to mobilize resources in the fight to save our natural world by leveraging the power of green technology and rediscovering traditional knowledge to live in balance with nature.

Not only will your Arkanaut support multiple conservation organizations globally, but will also provide rewards and experiences from those projects that will connect each holder to the impact happening on the ground.

”There are no passengers on the Spaceship Earth. We are all crew.” Marshall McLuhan

Total Arkanauts:

Two sets of 5,000
10,000 total

The Story

Much like the climate struggle we face here on Earth, the Arkanauts are facing ecological collapse on their home planet of Terramar.

The Arkanauts are here to show us how we can solve our own climate crisis through innovative new methods of community mobilization and the support of impact organizations.

The youth of Talius and Khandro, two opposing factions that spent generations growing apart on the planet Terramar, began to collaborate on the ARK 2.0 Initiative to seek novel solutions. They co-created the ARKANAUTS, an elite group of 10,000 interplanetary explorers and emissaries  in search of a revolutionary solution to close the Great Fissure and tackle their seemingly insurmountable shared climate and energy problems.

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Green Impact NFTs

With the launch of the ARKANAUTS, Project Ark continues its mission of creating GREEN IMPACT NFTs (GINs) with digital collectibles that have direct impact on the world.

Our GINs not only provide stories and experiences that both educate and inspire, but also provide support for organizations working towards the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Arkanauts are focusing on 3 main SDGs:

Goal 13: Climate Change and Climate Change Action

Goal 14: Life Under Water

Goal 15: Life on Land


Is supporting


Organisation supported TBD

Drop Schedule

14th January

Power Cell NFT Airdrop

26th January

1st Talius Presale


2nd Talius Presale

Talius Set 1



Khandro Set 1

Project Ark has worked with global
NGO partners to drive sustainability.

The Utility

Decision and Community

Each Arkanaut grants you access to the community decision making for impact contribution and future engagements

Become One with your Arkanaut (coming soon)

AR Avatar created in collaboration with  Chicken Waffle

Exclusive Access to unique experiences and IRL events

Curated by our Impact Partners IRL, DJs and artists

Shuttle Pass to the Greenverse
(coming soon)

The Arkanauts grants community special access to the first Green Metaverse, using a "Preserve to Earn Model"


Trusted Partners and Friends

Meet the Team

Max Song


Jenny Zhang

Head of Product

Jon O'sullivan

BD Manager

Mihai Hrimiuc

Project Lead

Elena Zaharia

Product Manager

Ricardo Amaral

Marketing Head

Joe Pan

Head of Communications and Investor Relations

Arturo Fernandez (Harto)

Artistic Director

Tom Maxwell

Research & Social Media Lead

Ashmita Roy

UI / UX Design Lead

Nick Edgar


Sebastian Kamil

Technical Lead (APAC)


Where can I get an Arkanaut?

Whitelisted addresses will be able to mint one on the 26th of January 12 PM EST/6 PM CET/ 1 AM HKT.

How do I get on the Whitelist?

The have a whitelist for special events with partners and limited time only campaigns on Twitter and Discord. Check out Twitter and Discord to find out more.

How do I mint?

Just connect your Solana wallet and you'll be able to see the mint button.  Make sure you have enough funds in your wallet to be able to mint your NFT and then click the button. A transaction will be executed by a smart contract and you'll get your newly minted NFT in your wallet.
Only whitelisted addresses will be able to do so in the pre-sale phases!

What is the price?

The price for an Arkanaut will be 0.8 SOL for the first presale.

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