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4000 NFTs on a mission to create the next generation of Re(De)Generative community, rewarding people in the digital world while creating impact in the natural one.


Real world impact.
Digital rewards.

Become Part of Ark DAO

The Ark is a metaverse space- faring vehicle piloted by Arkanaut holders

The Ark will collect and “preserve” animal NFTs from major collections

Growth of the Ark holdings means more preservation opportunities

Earn $WILD

Stake your Arkanaut, augment it with utility gear and be ready to use the rewards into the Arkverse and beyond!

Arkanauts Brand

AR model collab with Chicken Waffle

3D printed model (recycled materials, local shipping)

Merch: sustainable fashion

Greenverse Shuttle Pass

Community access to the first green metaverse using a "Preserve to Earn” model for protection of our natural world

Exclusive Access to:

Fireside chats with sustainability leaders

Educational modules on climate change

A network of like-minded, impact-driven individuals

Advisors, Supporters
& Friends

Arkanauts is supported by Holders from Blue Chip Projects


NFT Doctor



H (Bored Ape)


Queenie Mo

Clone X




Crypto Punk


Murakami Flower


Thinking about


Working on


Climate Change Module

Preserve to Earn Model

Breeding ReDegens

First Wildlife and Biodiversity Credit Registry

Climate CRED

Natural Capital Endowment

GIN Validators (Staking)

Public Mint


Sustainability Leaders
Fireside Chat Series

Staking ($WILD)

Power Cell Airdrop

Earth Hour Campaign

World Wildlife Day Campaign

Second Presale


Doxxed, Impact Driven, Spanning 7 Countries


Team Member


Project Lead


BD Manager


Impact Bringer


Product Manager


Engineering Lead


Artistic Director


Marketing Head


Metaverse Explorer


Research & Social Media


Investor Relations


Arkanauts Impact

Building long-term sustainable models focused on:

Climate Action

Life below water

Life on land

Project Ark has worked with global NGO partners to drive sustainability.


Web3 Noah's Ark

Pairs of NFTs from preeminent projects will board the Ark. DAO members will propose new projects, fill the Ark, and vote on community-led initiatives.

Ark DAO’s benefits will be threefold: rewards for members, funds for organizations, and impact for our planet.

Natural Capital Endowments

A model that gives continuously.

We are creating impact validators that reward individuals that stake $SOL and contribute continuously to conservation efforts.

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Life below water

Honorary Arkanauts

Explore the exclusive artwork.

Dr. Proctor is a geoscientist, explorer, space artist, and SpaceX astronaut passionate about driving impact

Dr. Proctor

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NFT OG and acclaimed 3D artist


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Founder of BridgingTheGap Ventures and YOUNGA, 19-time award-winning entrepreneur

Kelly Lovell

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World renowned immersive artist, professor, entrepreneur and former UN diplomat who works with cutting-edge emerging technologies

Gabo Arora

Linkedin Logo Icon

Renowned gymnast, scoring a perfect 10 at Collegiate Challenge Championships

Katelyn Ohasi

Coming soon

Artist, music producer, and songwriter

Harrison First

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Coming soon

Arkanauts Lore

The youth of Terramar took their destinies into their own hands and co-created the Arkanauts—4,000 Terramarians who care so deeply about their planet that they’re willing to risk life and limb to visit alien worlds in search of solutions to save it.

They're tasked with finding a way to close the Great Fissure and reimagine how their societies generate and interact with energy.

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Our Partners


What is an Arkanaut?

The Arkanauts is a 4,000 piece green impactNFT (GIN) collection comprised of both generative and 1-of-1 3D art minted on the Solana blockchain.

What is the impact story of the Arkanauts?

The Arkanauts are raising awareness around—and encouraging action against—the climate crisis and funding organizations such as Ultramarine and Lonely Whale to clean up Earth's oceans and protect life underwater in accordance with UN SDG 14.

What is the benefit of hodling an Arkanaut?

Hodling an Arkanaut grants you access to members-only benefits such as: voting rights in ARK DAO, direct access to climate leaders and specialists, earning tokens through staking, and much more. Keep an eye on our ever-evolving roadmap for the launch of future Arkanaut features.

How do I mint?

Information detailing how and where to mint in our public sale coming soon.

When can I mint?

The Arkanauts public mint date is TBA.

Where do I mint?

You will be able to mint from our own website as well as on future partner platforms. More TBA.

How do I know I won’t get rugged?

The entire Arkanauts team is fully doxxed (find links to our LinkedIn profiles above). We’re also part of a larger organization called Project Ark that has spent nearly two years in the NFT space fighting to bring impactNFTs—NFTs minted with the purpose of having positive environmental and/or social impact—into the mainstream and fundamentally change how we assess and create value. Visit to learn more.

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